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Welcome & General Information

Welcome to the home page for Colorado Department of Transportation at Bid Express.

The bidder shall continue to submit the proposal (bid) in accordance with the Rules For Prequalification, Debarment, Bidding and Work on Colorado Department of Transportation Road, Highway and Bridge Public Projects  " The Rules".  Effective 11/1/06

If you have questions on bid rules or projects advertised on the Bid Express web site, please contact either Marci or Peter  at (303)757-9006 or Shawn Yu at (303)757-9293.

If you want to sign up for electronic bidding or have technical difficulties on the Bid Express web site, please contact Bid Express Customer Support at (352)381-4888.

Notice to E-Bidders

Contractors should be aware that the automatic bid withdrawal functionality in the Expedite bidding application has certain limitations when used in conjunction with Bid Express to submit electronic bids.  In rare cases, this limitation could cause a bid to be automatically withdrawn in error, or a bid to be submitted which should have been automatically withdrawn.
This problem can occur ONLY if ALL of the following are true:

1) The bid must have been submitted electronically using Expedite and Bid Express.  Bids submitted on disc or paper are not affected.

2) The bidder must have submitted bids for more than one project (call order) in a single letting.

3) The bidder must have selected the automatic withdrawal option when submitting the bid.

4) An apparent low e-bidder on a project has his/her bid rejected.

At bid opening time, the Expedite electronic bids for all projects (call orders) are downloaded one call order at a time.  Bid Express applies the business rules incorporated in any Expedite bid that include the automatic bid withdrawal function.  Bid Express, however, does not have the capability to distinguish between a low apparent e-bidder and a low apparent e-bidder whose bid is subsequently rejected by the agency.  Contractors should be aware that if they are the apparent low e-bidder on a project and their bid is rejected, the software will not recognize the rejection for the purposes of automatic withdrawal and the bidder's proposal on a later call order will be withdrawn.

There are also ramifications for a second low e-bidder who, due to the rejection of the original low bidder, becomes the new apparent low bidder.  If the newly declared apparent low e-bidder desires to automatically withdraw a proposal on a subsequent call order, Bid Express is not aware of this and the withdrawal feature will not work.  If this situation occurs, the newly declared apparent low e-bidder may submit their e-bid printout that clearly identifies the intention to withdraw a subsequent bid.  CDOT will then withdraw the bid provided such notification comes the day of the bid letting.

It is CDOT's intent to fully advise potential e-bidders of the automatic bid withdrawal function limitations so those contractors selecting the auto-withdraw feature do so with full knowledge

CDOT BidX Sponsored Account Instructions

If you download CDOT plansheets and would like to be added to a BidX Planholders List that will be available on the CDOT website please email with the following information: Firm Name, Anticipated Bid as (prime or sub), Bid Date, Proposal Number. Please put 'BidX Bidders List' in the subject line.  If needed, you may contact Roxane Olvera at 303 757-9303

Colorado Certified DBE's and ESB's may apply to CDOT for an annual Sponsored Account. There are a limited number of accounts that will be provided to qualifying applicants on a first come first serve basis. The account gives the firm free access to the following BidX tools from any computer:

  • Small Business Network - online networking tool to communicate with Primes and conveniently provide sub-quotes for jobs.
  • Plan Sheets - view and print plan sheets for CDOT projects.
  • Bid Tab Analysis - tool to help evaluate the going price for items.

If you are interested and would use these tools on a regular basis please follow these three easy steps to apply. Please remember you must complete all three steps to apply.:

  • Small Business Network Prepaid Account Request Sign Up
    Click this link to register on the BidX system. Complete the form and make sure to select "Colorado Department of Transportation" from the drop down that says "Select an Agency". Click "Request an Account" to return here and complete the last two steps.
  • CDOT Sponsored Account Application
    Click the link and download the application. Fill it out completely. Make sure to sign it and attach a copy of your DBE certification work codes or ESB certification letter.
  • Usage Agreement
    Click this link and download the agreement. Fully read it, sign and date it. Mail this with the application (step 2) and DBE certification work codes or ESB certification letter to CDOT center for equal opportunity. Our contact information is on the bottom of page one of the application.

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
20230123 New Letting Created 01/19/2023
001 - C23504 New Proposal Added 01/19/2023
Letting date and Opening date has been modified for 20230123 after proposals have been added - extending the time 01/19/2023
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