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June 24, 2013 12:30 PM EDT

MBTA Posts First Electronic Bidding Opportunity

Bid Opening July 16, 2013

On Monday, June 24, 2013 the MBTA initiated the transition to Electronic Bidding with the posting of Contract D21CN01  - Water Main Replacement at Orient Heights for more information, go to:


Starting in June, 2013,  the MBTA will be transitioning to the use of the Bid Express Secure Internet Bidding System for the purpose of receiving bids on construction projects bid in accordance with MGL Ch. 30 §39M and Ch 149 § 44 A through J.  The MBTA will be transitioning to Electronic Bidding for all construction projects. When fully implemented, the MBTA will no longer accept hard copies of bids on any projects.

In order to become an official bidder on projects, bidders must satisfy the requirements of MBTA prequalification and in addition bidders must obtain a Digital ID through the Bid Express website. There is a one-time fee of $100 for the Digital ID as well as a monthly access fee of $35/month for Bid Express in order to submit bids electronically.

For jobs advertised on between June 3 and June 28, bidders are required to submit paper bids and electronic bids. During this phase of implementation, paper bids will govern.  At the conclusion of this phase of implementation, the MBTA will no longer accept hard copies of bids on any projects.

In anticipation of the June, 2013 transition, the MBTA encourages bidders to create Digital ID's and activate accounts on Bid Express.  Full information can be found at:

Implementation Update

The MBTA is currently performing full systems testing 

Current focus includes generation of EBS files and amendments from CMS, uploading of EBS, amendment and attachment files to Bidx.

Other aspects being tested include changing the bid opening date, incorporating changes to the bid items, posting addenda, and testing Bidx capabilities related to home page modifications, and informational notices.

We have uploaded test data, and submitted bids using test accounts.

We have  opened bids and uploaded the informational CMSand the and processing bid results.

Updates to this information will be made soon

For information on current bidding opportunities, see:

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