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Plan Room Subscribers

·         Plan Room subscribers with a Digital ID will be added to the Plan Holders List automatically. 

·         Plan Holders Lists are downloaded from Bid Express and posted to the NYSDOT website at https://www.dot.ny.gov/portal/page/portal/doing-business/opportunities/const-planholder each Friday.

·         If you do not have a Digital ID, e-mail your Federal ID, the Contract Number and Letting Date to plansales@dot.ny.gov  to be added to the Plan Holders List.


First Time Bidding Electronically with NYSDOT?


·         Before applying for a Digital ID though Bid Express you must either have a NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire For-Profit Construction, CCA-2 form (www.nysdot.gov/bids-and-lettings/construction-contractors/general-info) on file with NYSDOT or submit this FORM on company letterhead.  After we receive the form letter:

·         It will be reviewed for completeness, and approved.

·         A new Vendor table will be uploaded to Bid Express.

·         You will be notified to complete the Digital ID Process.


·         Companies with an approved CCA-2 already on file with NYSDOT can immediately proceed with the Digital ID process.


·         All companies are required to be registered with the NYS Department of State (www.dos.state.ny.us/corps/buscorp.html#appauth) before they can do business in New York State.  This registration must be completed before the CCA-2 will be reviewed by NYSDOT. 


·         A CCA-2 must be approved by NYSDOT before a contract can be awarded to an Apparent Low Bidder.  


Withdrawal of Proposal


Contractors wanting to withdraw a bid(s) must:


·       be present at the public bid opening

·       have submitted the lowest proposal on a project for which bids have been announced

·       provide written request of intent to withdraw (NYSDOT provides forms)


When this option is exercised, the proposals for other projects in the letting will be returned to the bidder unopened or, if the bid was submitted electronically, the Department will delete the bid(s) and the bid will not be made public.


See Standard Specification §102-07 for complete details.

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