Fee Calculator
Fee Calculator
This fee calculator is provided to help you determine your monthly and one-time costs for the Bid Express services you select. This information will not carry over to the order form. It is for informational purposes only. Fees subject to change. View the fee schedule for more information.

Monthly Fees
Monthly Fees
Basic Service (required) $40
Online Plan Sheets Service $95
Analysis Suite Service (Includes Bid Tab Analysis and
Bid Express Advantage)
**Internet bidding fee - for all local agencies $20
**Internet bidding fee - per state DOT $20
Enter number of state DOTs
Total Monthly Fees:
One-Time Fees
*Digital ID fee - For use with all local agencies $100
*Digital ID fee - For use per state DOT $100
Total One-Time Fees:
* Will be charged upon the initialization of the process to acquire and enable a Digital ID.
** Will be charged when the Digital ID is enabled.