August 05, 2015 02:45 PM PDT

WSDOT has implemented electronic bidding using Expedite and
The bid file will be uploaded to the Washington State Department of Transportation page on
The electronic bid file can be exported to the bidders computer using the Expedite software, imported
into the bidders estimating software for entering bid prices.  Using the bidder's private key (digital ID)
the completed bid can then be fully encrypted and securely submitted via the site to WSDOT.
After the time set for receipt of bids WSDOT will log onto the site and using a public key down-load
the fully encrypted bid to the WSDOT bid room for the public bid opening.
This optional method for bid submittal is in addition to the current paper copy submittal process.  The bidder
can upload their bid as early as desired and upload revisions to the bid up until the time set for receipt of bids.
The last uploaded bid file will overwrite the previous version of the bid file.
Bidders are encouraged to log on to to sign up for an account and create their digital Id for bid submittal.
Currently and are the two firms approved to provide electronic bid bonds for WSDOT projects.
Contact information for both firms follows:
Surety 2000 Corp Tele: 800-660-3263,
InSure Vision Technologies Tele: 818-783-3460

Bidders interested in providing bid bonds in electronic format as an option to the current paper copy are encouraged to contact
the two listed firms for more information on their process.
Caution:  In accordance with RCW 47.28.070 Prequalification is required before any Prime bidder is eligible to submit a bid for a
WSDOT Construction contract.  Any entity that has an account with for WSDOT will have the ability to export the bid file.
However, only those firms that are prequalified by WSDOT and have been placed on the Eligible (prequalified) Bidders list for the
specific project can submit a bid.  You must call the WSDOT Plans order number (360) 705 7835 to request the Bid proposal, plans
and specification before you can be placed on the eligible bidders list and submit a bid.
For contracts with a Condition of Award Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization
Certification form must be completed independently of the bid and attached to your electronic bid. The form may be downloaded at:

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